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Thorough oral care can extend your pet’s life for up to five years.  Regular examinations, ultrasonic teeth cleaning, oral rinsing, tooth brushing, and diet are all part of our program to help maintain your dogs’ and cats’ oral health. Animal Clinic of Walla Walla offers complimentary dental examinations for dogs and cats by appointment.

As herbivores, horses need regular examination of their mouth and teeth to detect and prevent problems with chewing their feed.  The incisors and “cheek teeth” of the horse grow and wear throughout their life.  Uneven wear and overgrown teeth can greatly impact a horse’s ability to grind its feed.  Sedation and analgesic drugs are often needed for proper dental examination and treatment, and only a licensed veterinarian can legally and safely administer these drugs.  Our veterinary team has the knowledge and skills to accurately diagnose and treat oral problems in horses.

If you have questions regarding dental care or would like to receive tips for beginning a brushing program with your pet, book your complimentary exam today!