From routine spays (ovariohysterectomy) and neuters (orchiectomy) to complex orthopedic surgeries, our doctors and staff are equipped to provide a broad range of surgical services for our small animal and lighter livestock patients. For all inquiries about spays and neuters we ask that you bring your pet in for an exam to make sure they are healthy enough to go under anesthesia before scheduling a surgery day.

If you are scheduled to bring your pet in for a spay/neuter we ask you bring them in the day of surgery between 7:30am and 8:30am, don’t give them any breakfast but they can have plenty of water, and please make time to fill out paperwork and go over everything with the technician prior to us taking your pet to the back.

We have modern anesthetic and monitoring equipment to provide optimum care to all from the very young to the very old and critical patients.  In addition, our large animal team can provide field surgery services for routine procedures for horses, cattle, and other livestock depending on availability, field circumstances, and procedure.

If you have an appointment already scheduled for your pet for a a surgical procedure you are welcome to fill out your paperwork prior to bringing them in for their appointment:

*Please note that the Surgical – Dental Form bottom half is to be complete by the hospital staff; you are only responsible for filling out the top half of the form.  Also, please make sure you have still made time to speak with a technician about your paperwork.

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